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Genuine contribution leads to powerful connection.







We are yesPHX, an active, inclusive ecosystem supporting the growth of Greater Phoenix innovation through entrepreneurship.

We are made up of people like you - earnest creators - who are dedicated to contributing to the entrepreneurial community in Greater Phoenix.

We see the special nature of the Valley’s entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Let’s activate its potential

We believe in the idea of entrepreneurial inclusion, a collaborative and accessible approach encouraging individuals and businesses to work together to:

Achieve goals
Share resources
Provide support
Amplify each other's success

Tune In, Reach Out

Your network is your networth

Here's what our members have to say...

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“This community has connected me to opportunities with Fortune 100 companies, millions in revenue for my design agency, a support group of business mentors, and honestly... some of my best friends.”

Anthony Ferrara
Principal of Oxy, proud #yesPHX entrepreneur
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I just realized I had not registered for this year's #yesphx Summer Social. I always enjoy these events and look forward to catching up with people in the well air-conditioned lobby of the Mountain Shadows resort. 

I recommend it to those of you who enjoyVenture Café Phoenix, participate in Arizona Commerce Authority's #VentureReady programs, and anyone active in the innovation/startup/evolving tech community in Arizona. 

It is free. Worst case you will meet one or two new people. Best case, you will meet your future partner in changing the world.

Eric Miller
Principal& Co-Owner, PADT Inc.
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“How about working together to create a more inclusive and equitable future for all? Last week was inspiring! Igor Ilyinsky and I hung out with the Phoenix startup community and met so many people who were either on the lookout for their next big thing or trying to move their startup forward.”

Irina Ilyinsky
ListenUp co-founder
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I ❤️ #yesphx

Christie (Simmons) Kerner
Pitch Competition Judge at ASU

Within this community, you belong

As a member of yesPHX, you are connected.

This means you get introduced to people who genuinely want to support you, share experiences and connect you further. Membership provides access to education, mentorship, and resources critical to your entrepreneurial success in the Greater Phoenix ecosystem, all in one convenient and vibrant platform. 

You get seen

Your business visibility will increase. And, as you engage and connect, you’re likely to receive high-value recommendations. You’ll also find like-minded individuals and companies to grow with.

yesPHX members also have the opportunity to give back by mentoring members new to the Greater Phoenix business community.

But, it’s kind of up to you. Cliches are cliches because often they are true. The more you put in, the more you will get out.

We believe in the limitless potential of the Greater Phoenix community 

It’s even better with you in the mix.