We are a catalyst for growth

yours, ours, and the entire Greater Phoenix entrepreneurial community.

We are yesPHX, an active, inclusive ecosystem supporting the growth of Greater Phoenix innovation through entrepreneurship.

We offer introductions, podcasts, meetups, referrals, support, a robust online community, a dynamic in-person community…the list goes on. And if you want to start a new activity to add to the list, we welcome your initiative. 

Our community is as good as the people who join it and are active within it. 

Our community thrives with the active involvement of its members.

We are actively building, encouraging, and participating in the Greater Phoenix economy and startup community.

Entrepreneurial inclusion gets our motor running

We are proponents of the idea of entrepreneurial inclusion, a collaborative, accessible approach to building a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

It emphasizes the idea that group efforts, shared knowledge, and cooperative strategies are critical to innovation, growth, and sustainability in an entrepreneurial community.

We believe in the limitless potential of the Greater Phoenix community. And, we believe in each other.

Everyone loves a good origin story

We didn’t really start it. Instead, we named it.

The folks who created #yesPHX believe the organization owes its genesis to a movement organically happening in the Valley in the mid-2010s on the heels of the first PHX Startup Week. They just gave it a name. A “common hashtag” embodying pride in being Valley-born or grown was casually discussed by Jonathan Cottrell, Mario Martinez II, Dirk Karsten Beth, and Stephen Grutzius over some late-night stogies on April 23, 2014. Freshly inspired to do something about it, Jonathan registered a domain that weekend, wrote some copy, and worked with User10 to design the identity and website that launched the effort. As they say, the rest is history.

To learn more about how #yesphx was started, read the story in Inc.

Today, we are a cooperative platform offering resources, promoting advocacy, and facilitating networking opportunities to drive our city’s business community forward for entrepreneurs, brought to you by yesAZ.

Our work originates
from these core beliefs
and foundational practices

Learn more about these beliefs and how we use them to better ourselves and our community, read more here.

To Set the Stage

Having a few rules in place leads to positive interactions and a warm, welcoming community. As committed practitioners of a “let’s all get along” way of doing things, we ask that our members:

Meet folks face-to-face
Attend some events
Connect and give back
Treat everyone well
Use the hashtag